I am no good

I am no one, but why did i keep telling him what to do , what not to do, what is good, what is no good. Why i do that. Is it my fault that i fall in love ? 😞

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Home? What is the definition of home to you? so yeah most of the ordinary people out there will say home is where your soul belongs, like everything you need is there; nice clothes, comfy bedroom, mom’s cooked, and the family members? Well for me, home is where i come back just to see my mom and my sister and yes my hometown, grandma. Like everyone, i like home, i like being at home; once. When i was a kid. 

And then ? things change and i was left alone, brothers? dang not home, father? em never at home, and mom? yes even though she left me like 3 years alone at home, she is still there now, waiting for me, us; my brothers and their wives come back home. So, i come home mostly just because of my mother and my little sis and my grandma since there is so much sad memories of mine at that house.

So yeah my definition of home is not like everyone else, i know its not just me feel this way about home but there is more. So if people around askin about why are you not going back home? i will just say “uh i will be havin my exams next week so probably just focus on that one”

Things is that, home never really feels like home when the complete family members are not there, but thanked God i still have home to come back to, still have my loyal mommy waiting for me and my annoying little sister back home. Sorry ma i’m not goin back this 1 week holiday, just to keep this head from getting stressed out of situations at home.  

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Hai ?

I think i should write again. Kinda miss it here haha

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Mencari cari tempat pertolongan namun terkedu seketika setelah tahu pasti bahawa semua nya pasti teragak agak . Sedangkan diri ini sudah selalu membantu namun tidak mengapa lah. Diri ini sedar sesungguhnya diri ini bukan siapa siapa bagi mereka.

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The problem is ?

The problem with me is i never give them second chance. As for my ex’s. Well i only have two ex. Yeah so they are doing something that i didn’t like at all so i broke up with them .
First ex. He is too pushy. He want me to do what ever he like and i cant even do what i love to do. So we broke up. Second ex. He is moving too fast in our relationship and i hate it. So we broke up. Sad fact here is, i never give em second chances even they have begged, cried for me. Im still with my decision not to be back together.

But things are different with my current and serious boyfriend. He did many things that make me think twice about the relationship. Of course in the bad way(not “that” bad)? But he too did many things in a good way. Thats why. I learnt from my past. Past of my ex’s. I try to give second chance to person that i love. I dont know why did i gave such chances to him but not to my ex’s . Well probably because i love him(bf) too much that i cant afford of losing him. maybe i just dont love my ex’s enough to give em second chances aite ? Uh huh. I took 3 years to come to this conclusion . Btw, i only realised this when ive gotten into a fight with my boyfriend but i forgave him anyway. I love you ivan isaac danny . Dont ever thinking to leave me . I wont allow you to leave my side cause this love for you cannot be help :)

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Deleting account soon
. Gonna run a new tumblr page :3

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20 things about isaac

1. He Smile to me like it was the first time he met me.

2. He flirt with me everyday even im already his girlfriend.

3. He hold my hand like he dont wanna let go.

4. He gave me almost everything he had eventhou he only have that one thing for him. Still he gave it to me.

5. He motivated me like a father and a brother.

6. He protect me like a superman.

7. He holds me like he will never let go.

8. He kiss my cheeks like it was some sort of candy.

9. He hug me, like i was the only precious thing he had.

10. He called me baby even people are there listening.

11. He kiss me, and drown me with his love. (A very good kisser indeed.)

12. He whisper in my ear that he love me.

13. He make my heart beats faster even a single touch from him.

14. The best part is that he never ashamed to shows how he love me , infront of people.

15. He kissed softly.

16. He knows how to slow kissing and hell yeah it feel good haha :p

17. He give me a piggy back ride and i love it.

18. He looks me in the eyes and turned at diff direction when i starred at his eyes and i found that is really cute :)

19. He gave me his belongins even he needed them too and i was like mygad Lord, please let me have this one in this life .

20. He always be the forgiving one since i was very ‘keras kepala’ so he always been the one that will say ” im sorry honey, its my fault” . Even i know that it was acctually my bad.

Dear syg, i know you are reading this and thus, i just wanna let you know that even i have loved someone else before i love you, you are still the best of among them . And that i will never let you go. I promise. Im sorry i always hurt you by my words especially but you know i love you right. You will always be my darling . Please stay forever :’)

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Meh ?

Basically , i love to write and i can write very well when i have the mood.

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About study.

This question always seems running on my head. Just what the purpose for us to study. Its the same path with other who are not educate. You will die too.
But, it is way two different things. Either you die with honor or die as nothing. But we are all the same for God. We are His sons and daughters. THAT IS THE POINT. God made us as human. He chose you to be borned as a human. Not a monkey. Not oranges or even apple. We are gifted with intellengence. With brain that can be use to built our life to be a better life. Why do we study ? Well , its simple. Its just the way it is. God gives us the intellengence to chose the wrong or right. GOD give us this life so that we can enjoy. We can feel the love- love from parents, friends and many more. So why were we study ?
Because along the life. God had made the plan that you are to seek His love, comfort, loyalty , and last His present among the people that you met along your journey before you’d be returned back to Him, our Lord almighty God. And, along the way to find Him we need to live. In this cruel world. Its just is. We need to. SO. In order to survive in this world we need to make a living, we nees to eat so that the system in our body can functioning well as God had make it perfectly for us. How do we live ? We eat. What is that we need to eat ? Food and water of course. How can we have them ? By buying it from the stall or planting them in the garden. But all of the action as i mention before cost a small penny but if you multiply it for one year it will cost quite a lot of money. Then where did you earn such amount of money? Of course by finding a good job so that you dont have to experience one day starving due to the fact that you dont have even 1 dolar for food. What a pity? So you see now. When you study well you can get a good job. For your own food. But God once said that we should increase our population . Generation of Jesus. Frankly speaking, you need to get a wife or a husband to do that right ? So what will you offered to them when you , yourself do not have any dollars in pockets ? What a shame. Thus, the more educated you are , the higher probability of you getting a good job. So, study !

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Never texting other boy to calm yourself if your boyfriend is not replying any of ur text or pick up the phone.

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God, bless his journey and may he arrive safely in johor.

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Its okay but it will be a little awkward between us hohohoh so i chose not to go haha

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I will match everyone who reblogs this with someone else who reblogs to be each others tumblr valentine

I’ll be waiting 

Don’t let me down.


what if theres an odd number

Then someone’s getting a threesome

(via itsdory)

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I shud appreciate him and keep him safe but i end up not doin my part. Its not his fault that that the terrible happen. Why did i blame him for something that is not his fault.

Sorry zac. Im hurting you cz i cant think rationaly anymore. Im totally shocked by what has happen that day .
I promise you ill nver let you go . I still love you.

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